Getting Involved FAQ

“I’m a member of a BREAD Congregation, so how do I get involved?”

Great! Please contact the BREAD office to connect you to a Team Member at your Congregation. They will give you more information about upcoming meetings and help find a fit for your level of involvement within the Justice Ministry/Rodef Tzedek Network.

“My congregation is not a member of BREAD, how can I get them involved?”

We always welcome new congregations to join our group of justice seekers! Growing our membership is important because more people means more power means more victories for our community. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to a BREAD staff member so that they can walk you through the process of becoming a dues paying member.

Want to get involved in our justice work? Let a BREAD staff member reach out to you:

“I’m really interested in the research process and want to be on a research committee, how can I do that?” 

That’s wonderful you are interested in our research committees! We do a lot of work from December all the way up to our Nehemiah Action in the spring to ensure that we have researched the problem and solution as well as the specific public official with the ability to implement it. However, research is only part of our work, the majority of the year we spend building relationships to turn out thousands of people to the Nehemiah Action so that we have the power to actually hold those officials accountable to solving these problems. 

For that reason, before joining a research committee, you must be a Justice Ministry/Rodef Tzedek Network Member (which means you agree to attend 4 BREAD Assemblies, bring at least 3 people with you to the Action, and consider investing $200 into the work of the organization.) If you’re interested in becoming a Network Member, please call the BREAD office.

“I’m an area expert or a professional in one of the areas BREAD is working on, how can I help or be part of the process?”

 We are always looking to deepen our research and would be happy to discuss a potential research meeting with you. Please contact BREAD staff for further details.”

“I don’t attend a congregation, but I still would like to get involved. How can I do that?”

If you don’t belong to a particular faith community and are interested in getting involved beyond the Nehemiah Action in the spring, please contact BREAD staff (or fill out the survey linked above) to discuss options for you to get connected with a BREAD team.”

“I’m interested in investing financially in the work of BREAD. How can I do that?”

Thank you for investing in the work of justice! For every $1 invested, BREAD leverages $41 back into the community. You can check out our investment page to see different options to invest online and via common payment apps. You can also send a check by mail to the BREAD office at 404 S. Third St. Columbus, OH 43215. Please remember to write your congregation (if a member) on the memo line or, if your investment is in memoriam, the name of the individual and their congregation.