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BREAD Accomplishments (1997 – 2016)


*Walking beat and bicycle cops in Main Street & Woodland Park safe zones.

*Increased police presence resulting in reduction of juvenile crime due to curfew violations in Hudson-Weber area safe zones.

*Secured sting operations in Corpus Christi safe zone resulting in reduction of violent crime upon Senior Citizens.

*Won “Project Clean Sweep” in precincts 12 and 6 on Near East side focused on crime reduction around abandoned buildings (1999)

*Expanded Franklin County’s Drug Court from 50 to 300 cases (initiated in 2008)

* Implementation of the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS), a proven and low-cost program that leads to sentencing and treatment that could correct behavior and help reduce crime (2011 Nehemiah Action) 


*Won the inclusion of an evidence-based reading curriculum in 10 elementary schools .  In the highest poverty schools students passing the 4th grade reading test more than doubled from 18% passing to 38% passing. (1998)

*Got the Franklin County Prosecutor to develop the KEY Truancy program reducing chronic truancy by 55% in the first two years. (May 2006 Nehemiah Action, implemented in 2007 school year)

*Got the Superintendent of Columbus City Schools to end the practice of suspending students out of school for truancy.  There were 4,262 out-of-school suspensions for truancy in 2008-09 school year.  In the first half of the 2013-14 school year there were only 489 out of school suspensions for truancy.  In the first half of the 2014-2015 school year, there were only 20 out of school suspensions for truancy.    


*Secured 1.2 million dollars to expand primary care at Columbus Neighborhood Health Centers. (initiated in April 2002) 

*Secured a commitment from Franklin County to allocate at least $1.2 million to expand services at CHNC for more than 2,700 people annually for 3 years (initiated in April 2002)

*Got Columbus City Council to restore $373,000 to the 2005 CNHC budget insuring that more than 1,500 people would continue to receive their prescription drug benefits

*Got Ohio Medicaid to place community health workers at community health centers to provide intensive outreach to the sickest Medicaid patients. 


*Got the city of Columbus and Franklin County to create the Affordable Housing Trust fund investing $4 million annually which has financed the development of over 8,000 units of affordable housing. (initiated in 1999) 


*County-wide “First Source” agreement giving center city residents the first shot at jobs created through tax abatements. (1998)

*Got city council to allocate 2.1 million dollars to expand small business incubators and small business loans. We also leveraged another $1 million from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. (Voted in 2011) 

Juvenile Justice

*Six Franklin County neighborhoods now have Restorative Justice Circles to keep first-time, non-violent juvenile offenders out of the court system.  They include Franklinton, South Side, Weinland Park, Linden, the Near East Side, and Westerville.  These circles have the potential to divert hundreds youth offenders each year. For information about the Franklin County Restorative Justice Program,  click here.  

Mental healthcare

*Got the Franklin County ADAMH Board to add 3 new Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams that will help individuals in the community suffering from a severe mental illness. 

*Won a commitment to upgrade the Pathway Clubhouse and work towards accreditation in 2017. The Clubhouse "re-opened" in October 2016.  

Neighborhood Cleanup

*2 notorious crack houses boarded up and shut down in Main Street safe zone. (prior to 1998)

*Allocation of $300,000 to demolish dangerous abandoned housing. (1997)

*9 dangerous properties razed in Main Street & Woodland Park safe zones

*$500,000 allocated for two mobile police “crack-busting” units. (prior to 1998)

*Investment of $14+ million to build storm sewers and sidewalks on the eastside near St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church (1999)

*Pushed the Franklin County Treasurer to establish the Franklin County Land Bank (Franklin County Land Reutilization Corporation).  Hundreds of properties have demolished since 2013. Click here for the link to the Treasurer's website to nominate a property for demolition or rehabilitation.   

Payday lending

*Campaigned for the passage of state legislation that reduced the allowable interest charged by payday lenders from 391% to 28%. (May 2007 Nehemiah Action, passed in 2008)  


*38,000 new hours of bus service from center city neighborhoods to outer belt jobs. (Initiated in February 1997, won in 1998)

*Secured a $1 million earmark to build a transit center on East Main Street in late 2004 to help connect center city residents with outer belt jobs (opened in October 2005)